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Inpatient CAMHS: Psychology at Work

Venue: Tabernacle Street, London
Date: Monday 28th November 2011


Inpatient CAMHS: Psychology at Work.
Assessment, Therapeutic and Professional Roles in Practice.

FICAPS, the Forum for Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychology Services, was formed in recognition of the need for Applied Psychologists working in CAMHS inpatient units to have an established professional network. We all know that despite the inherent teamwork required by our jobs, it often feels like we are professionally very isolated in what is a very specialised job.

Over the last few years we have run 4 national FICAPS conferences. An exciting outcome from our fourth conference in May last year was that we agreed to become one of the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology's Children and Young People Faculty "Networks". What this means, amongst other things, is that we are now associated with a professional organisation that helps support its networks in organising its own national conferences. So we thought it was about time for our fifth conference!

The conference this year will deal with clinically relevant issues and innovative practices in the morning, particularly around neuropsychology and cognitive assessment and then mentalisation-based therapies and multi-systemic family work.  In the afternoon we will turn to outcome measures and national and professional issues. The day will be a mix of formal lectures, smaller workshops, a "neuropsychology master class" and a plenary. We hope to get further input into the FICAPS paper on the role of the Clinical Psychologist in inpatient CAMHS units and discuss how it might be useful to our members. We have some excellent key note speakers as well as our own FICAPS members contributing to the programme, and the day promises to be a useful way to all meet up and exchange practice.

If you are an Applied Psychologist working in an inpatient CAMHS unit we would be delighted to see you there.

The FICAPS committee

Paul Abeles, Kirsty Smedley and Pippa Hembry

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