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East Midlands Inspirational Leadership

Venue: The National Space Centre, Leicester
Date: Monday 5th December 2005


Places for this conference are limited and we would therefore like to ensure that delegates who register to attend are available to stay for the whole day.

Visionary leadership and competent management skills are fundamental requirements for organisations which need to adapt, change and evolve in an increasingly global economy.

There is compelling evidence that links high performance work organisations and investment in skills development with increased productivity and profitability. Increasingly, it is being acknowledged that these skills are also essential 'life skills' to be fostered and encouraged in all individuals.

The East Midlands aspires to become one of the top 20 regions in Europe by 2010 and to achieve this, it needs to improve the overall performance and competitiveness of its business population.

Achieving a step change in the quality of the East Midland;s management and leadership capability is a major challenge. It requires the support and co-operation of many partners and drawing together the array of existing and developing relevant programmes, policies and activities into a more coherent package. This way we will generate a much greater impact as a result and also shape the development of future strategies.

Who should attend?

The East Midlands Inspirational Leadership Conference will give the strategic view and practical guidance on how strong leadership and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit within your business is fundamental to its development and growth. The day will focus on trends and new developments, highlighted by experts within the field.

For any organisation to thrive in the face of increased domestic and global competition, maintaining an entrepreneurial culture is essential. A key part of any Director or Manager's role is driving the organisation forward and championing strong and effective leadership in all areas of their business.

It will be of particular interest to you if you are a Director or Manager of an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) with a desire to ensure that your company remains entrepreneurial, flexible and creative as it grows.

Benefits of attending:
  • Discover where the value is really derived from strong leadership
  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining an entrepreneurial culture in your business
  • Network with fellow associates and learn from real-life experiences
  • Take proven concepts back to your organisation that will have an immediate impact

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